13.32kW Solar System

You will often come across people often asking themselves ‘Why should we move to solar energy? We don’t think we need it. As a result, they eventually fail to understand the importance of the solar system and how much benefit it packs. In recent years, solar power has evidently become the hottest trend in renewable energy sources. Homeowners all around the world have installed solar systems on their roofs, ensuring that they reap maximum benefits out of the unending source of energy that is the sun. Other than the obvious long-term money-saving benefits, there are tons of other reasons why you should make a switch to using solar power instead of other energy sources. In our today’s blog, we will help you understand the specification and benefits of the best rated 13.32kW for your home. Along with the obvious, we will also cover a variety of other queries that you might have related to this very particular solar system size. Stick around.


Benefits of 13.32kW Solar System

Let us start with the straight-up facts. A properly installed 13.32kW solar system will easily cover the average Australian household’s energy requirement of about 19,418 kWh of electricity per annum. Properly installed and properly optimized 13.32kW solar systems have the potential to produce enough energy that will help your premise go off-grid. Another amazing benefit of the 13.32kW Solar System is that the excess energy produced by the solar system can be stored and saved in solar battery storage for future use.

Tips to keep in mind before installing 13.32 kW Solar System

Define your needs

This is the first thing you need to check off from your list. You can calculate your energy needs easily by calculating out the kWh number that is written at the bottom of your electricity bills – just make sure that you take each season’s specific energy needs into account before writing the final number. Ensure that the energy you’re able to produce and store can handle your requirements, even at your maximum usage times.

Can your roof handle the solar system installation?

There is no denying that installing a solar system will increase the overall weight of the structure of your roof. We don’t think we need to explain why it is risky. However, to throw more light on it this is very dangerous for many reasons, not to mention financially. Therefore in order to avoid this situation, it is utmost to have a professional analysis of your roof to evaluate whether it will be able to handle the weight or not.

How much do you want to spend?

In the end, every discussion boils down to this. There is no denying that there is a general perception that solar panel installation can burn a hole through your pockets, it is indeed an incredible way of saving money if considered from a long-term perspective. It ultimately helps in diminishing the rate at which you depend on electricity, eventually resulting in you saving money in the long run. Even though the initial expenses during the installation might feel burdening, it becomes cost-saving electricity generating option over time.

What is the product warranty?

In general solar panels that are installed in residential premises have a chance of performing more efficiently and issue-free for years. Solar panels have the capacity to last for as long as twenty-five years under normal circumstances. However, in rare and specific situations, issues can occur over time. Therefore it is utmost that you only get your solar system installed by a trusted installer.


Equipping your premises with a 13.32 kW solar system will turn out to be a fruitful idea in the long term. It will not add a certain appeal to your place but will also help a great deal in cutting down on expenses in the long term. Get your 13.32kW Solar System by the solar installation experts at Rescom Solar.