Residential Solar Systems

Rescom Solar
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Rescom Solar Residential solar system

Renewable electricity for your household
10 year workmanship warranty
25-30 year panel output warranty
15-25 year panel product warranty
5-10 year inverter warranty
STCs (Government Financial Incentives)

* Bill reduction dependent on your household’s electricity usage, the time of your usage, and the size of your solar system

Rescom Solar Residential solar system

Why install a solar system?

Safeguard yourself from the electricity price rises

Become self sufficient and generate your own electricity

You are covered by an installation warranty, and manufactures product and performance warranties

Solar System Solution

How a solar systems work


A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) building integrated solar system is a widely used technology that allows households to generate renewable and clean electricity by using the solar energy provided by the sun. Australia is fortunate to receive a high average daily sun exposure and this makes installing a solar system a worthwhile investment.

A solar system uses PV solar panels that are connect to a solar inverter, the solar panels create Direct Current (DC) electricity when exposed to the sun and the solar inverter transforms the DC electricity to Alternating Current (AC) electricity that we use in our homes. When you install a solar system you also must upgrade your electricity meter to a net (solar) meter, we take care of this for you and is included in our installation price.

The solar inverter is connected to the main switchboard of your home and supplies the AC electricity to your property during daylight hours. If the solar system produces more power then you are using at any time the excess electricity will be exported back into the grid. The amount of electricty that your home exports or feeds into the grid will be recorded by your net electricity meter.

When your home requires more power then you are currently generating via your solar system you will draw as normal the required electricity from the grid.