Solar system for your business

In today’s economy, businesses need to utilize every means possible to maximize their competitive edge, meaning among other things, lowering energy costs and showing environmentally concerned customers that your company is doing its part to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Now you’ve made your decision to dramatically save on your energy bill, Rescom Solar is your choice partner to look after every aspect of the installation, with the skills to deliver planning, civil works, high voltage connectivity and ongoing asset management.

Your Rescom Solar planning team assesses your existing power usage, peak electricity consumption and unique site condition. Planning hands over to our solar engineers to design, and Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers to install, a solar power system of carefully chosen leading technologies, that will immediately reduce your energy costs.

COMMERCIAL solar panel

Why choose Rescom Solar?

A Rescom Solar commercial system includes:

A financial report

Daily remote system monitoring

Monthly system performance reports

First 12 months, a quarterly on site full system maintenance service

10 year workmanship warranty

Best products at the Best price

All installations done in compliance with Australian standards and CEC guidelines