qcell solar panels

The solar energy generation system is one of the few inventions that has revolutionized the energy industry. They have proved that the sun, which is considered to be the ultimate source of energy, can be used to benefit humankind. After the world realized what these solar systems were capable of, there was no looking back. If we compare the pros and cons of solar energy generation systems, it is always a point ahead. The other energy generation systems end up causing pollution in one form or the other. With the increase in demand for QCell Solar Panels , a problem arose which type of solar panels to be installed, that can give and meet up its expectations as the alternative energy source. In a country like Australia that is so close to the equator and at the same time surrounded by the sea; different types of solar cells are required. 


Hence we look at the top Q Cell solar panels in Australia



Parramatta is very close to the sea. Hence its weather is always humid. Hence there is a high chance that the humidity will lead to corrosion in the solar panels. Hence we need solar panels that come with a protective layer that prevents corrosion. 

Q-cells Solar Panels in Parramatta are



This model of the Q cells is very reliable and at the same time can be used both for housing and commercial/industrial locations. It has an efficiency rate of 20.4%. The degradation percentage for these solar panels is 0.54% after the first year of installment. The nominal power of these cells is 340-360 Wp. These solar cells panels are an all-weather technology that makes it easy to withstand humidity. It comes with a 25-year product warranty. The dimensions of these panels are 1740mm x 1030mm x 32mm. It can withstand wind and snow load up to 4000 Pascals and 5000 Pascals respectively.



This model of solar panels is also very high in demand owing to its Q.ANTUM technology. They are applicable for both residential and commercial/industrial applications. These solar panels come with an all-weather protective layer that prevents not only corrosion but also other kinds of environmental conditions. It works on a nominal power of 370-395. It has an efficiency of 20.8%. The dimensions of these solar panels is 1840mm x 1030mm x 32mm. It can take wind and snow load up to 4000 Pascals and 5400 Pascals respectively. These solar panels come with a warranty of up to 25 years. The degradation percent of these solar panels is 0.54% 



Surry Hills is one of the cities which is very close to Sydney. This information is relevant for anyone to understand that it is not far from the sea. Hence the weather here is usually humid. With the rebates provided by the Australian government, there is also an upsurge in the trade of solar panels. Below are the Q-cell solar panels in Surry Hills. 



These solar panels are both for residential and commercial/industrial applications. Its nominal power is 345-365 Wp. These panels come with an all-weather technology that prevents them from sustaining any damage due to various environmental conditions. The wind and snow load it can tolerate are 4000 pascals and 5400 pascals respectively. The dimensions of these panels are 1740mm x 1030mm x 32mm. It comes with a 12-year product warranty. The degradation percentage is 0.54% after the first year of installation.