Top 10 Solar Panels in Australia

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that lies very near to the equator, thus receiving an abundance of sunlight. This opens a lucrative opportunity for converting it into a usable energy source. The Government of Australia devised a plan to make itself self-reliant on the production of electrical energy by the means of solar panels and solar energy generation systems. Well, If the government can take such big initiatives, why not us?  Going solar is a gold pot that literally won’t run out in the future. With so many solar panels in the market, made of so many different materials, and producing different voltages it is a difficult choice. It can be hard to determine the right solar panel for your residential and commercial space. We are here to pull you out of this conundrum. We have prepared a list of the Top 10 Solar Panels in Australia that you can shortlist while getting solar-based sources installed on your premises. 


List of Top 10 Solar Panels in Australia




LG Neon H 370W


LG Neon R is a premium quality solar panel that is available to the Australian market. They have for the past 5 years won the EUPD research top brand PV Awards for modules in Australia. These solar panels have a product warranty of 25 years. They are better known for their industrial version. 


Sunpower’ Maxeon 3 


Sunpower Maxeon 3 is one of the best and leading solar panels that is available in the Australian Market. The company does not use wholesalers or middlemen to make a purchase but rather they only sell to their authorized clients. The company does all the installation work. Their Australia office is located in Elsternwick which can be contacted by a toll-free number. The overall cost of a 6 KWh solar panel is $7907. This is average pricing sometimes the price differs depending upon the location 


REC-Alpha-Series-360-370W- Alpha series


Rec company is one of the oldest companies that still make solar panels. Still, the quality improves every time with the determinant efforts of the Rec Solar Professionals. While their production unit is in Singapore they have an Australian office in Melbourne CBD. The average longevity of these solar panels is 25 years. The Alpha series has a capacity of up to 380 W. The alpha series has a 26% energy yield.


Jinko Tiger 66 cell


Jinko Tiger 66 cells are premium quality solar panels that are available to Australians. Also, it is one of the most widely found solar panels brands among premium solar panel installers. It is estimated that out of 8, 1 premium installer has a Jinko Tiger 66 cell. These solar panels are also suitable for the coastal areas of Australia. 


Hyundai VG series




Hyundai VG series is one of the top 10 solar panels that are salt mist corrosion resistant through which they can be installed anywhere whether be the interior regions of Australia or the coastal regions. The efficiency of these solar panels is 20%. This solar panel is approved by the Clean Energy Council for the small-scale renewable energy scheme.   


Solarwatt Vision 60M 


Solarwatt is one of the first companies to come up with the glass on glass solar panels. All the Solarwatt Vision 60M panels are suitable for installation at any location also they provide one of the highest efficiency of solar panels and have longer longevity than other solar panels available in the industry.  


Q-Peak Duo G8




These solar panels have an average life warranty of 25 years and can be installed anywhere in Australia. They also use the Q cell branded technology though which they increase the power output of each cell through in-house innovations. This technology also delivers a power efficiency of 20.2 %


Longi Hi M04


Top 10 Solar Panels


These solar panels are monocrystalline PERC solar panels as they have been focusing on producing single crystal silicon wafers. They do not have as much longevity as compared to other counterparts but they have high efficiency and their prices are also lower than the other solar panel manufacturers. 


Winaico Gemini


The solar panels have a longevity of 25 years. They are known for providing one of the longest warranty products in the industry which is a result of the extensive testing and research that is done by their experts on their products. Winacio also provides their Australian clients with a cover for the failure of the system caused by external forces. The cover starts at 2 years which is free of cost this can also be extended to 7 years.


Phono Twin +


Phono Twin + solar panels are suitable for installation at any location in Australia. They usually offer solar panels for residential areas with an efficiency of 20.58%. These solar panels are approved by the Clean Energy Council for Small Scale Renewable Energy scheme.




These were the Top 10 Solar Panels in Australia. With another energy revolution knocking at the door, it’s never late to switch to Solar. All you gotta do is choose the best for you. With government aid and some money from your pocket, you can switch to a better alternative today.  To get a seamless installation process, search for the Local Solar Installer, North Rocks and we’d be glad to help.