Solar Rebates in New South Wales

With Global warming on the rise, switching to green energy alternatives is the choice of the smart. Australia being the sixth-largest country has an abundance of space and resources to make this green switch.  But for an individual, Solar might not be the most cost-effective solution.  Just imagine, getting your own solar panel installed without even worrying whether your pocket will be drained? Well, you can stop imagining, because you can get it done, with our custom Solar Rebates in New South Wales you can equip your residential and commercial premises with best-in-class solar panels. 


To make people adopt green energy alternatives and to achieve the target of zero emissions by 2050 as part of the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030, New South Wales Government has initiated to provide rebates, schemes, and interest-free loans.  


Well If you are a New South Wales resident, a lifetime opportunity is waiting for you out there. 


NSW Government’s solar rebates eco-friendly and empowering objective


The NSW government has always supported Solar rebates for many years by providing financial support through subsidizing solar systems. But now the government from the year 2020 has pulled up its socks for bigger incentives for solar batteries. 


Empowering Homes is the name given to this program. If you have a house of your own or if you are living in a residential building (Given all the members of the buildings agree to the installment of solar energy systems), the government would help you by providing an interest-free loan to upgrade your solar panels by addition of new batteries or addition of panels. One may also apply for a loan for the installment and enjoy your guilt-free electricity. 


The aim of this program is that the NSW residents should install almost 300,000 solar battery systems in the next 10 years. This will help in the addition of almost 3000MWh of electricity storage into NSW systems and therein invest $3.2 billion in clean energy.


Smart Home Battery Scheme


Are you a resident of Hills district of Sydney or workaround North-west Business Park, Sydney?


You might as well save around $4000 just by signing up for the Smart Home Battery Scheme. 


Let’s be honest, if we install solar power systems and what if there is no sun? At nights on rainy days on winter snowfall days what do we do then? In addition to a solar power system, you get the benefits of a top-notch solar battery. This battery enables you to store the excess electricity which could be later used for night-time or bad weather days. 


Technically, Smart Home Battery Scheme is just another financial initiative program with the collaboration of the well-known property developer Mulpha and Australian peer-to-peer lender RateSetter.  With these big giants building their money proves that it’s not a false deal. 


The STC program: The affordable fuel 


The cost of installing mono perc split cell panels or a 370w Solar panel in Sydney will drain your pockets faster than in the blink of an eye.  It seems near to impossible for an average income individual to bear all hefty the cost in one go. 


The government genuinely understands the limitations of the common folk and has introduced a small-scale Renewable Energy scheme. The Australian government’s nationwide Small scale Renewable Energy Scheme is a financial incentive program that helps in the installment and maintenance of solar battery systems by providing financial assistance. 


This will help the residents of Australia, nationwide install solar energy systems and play their part in fighting climate change. In this program, Small Scale Technology Certificates or STC’s are issued through which you can get to reduce the price. The reduction in price depends upon the number of STC’s allocated to you. This number depends on factors like the energy that will be generated by the solar panels in their lifetime. The energy production mainly depends on the size of the system and the location.


Other Incentives By NSW Government for Solar Rebates


The NSW government is developing programs to help small businesses and households manage and reduce their energy cost.

The initiatives under this program are


  • Provision of grants for projects that are beneficial to the local community 
  • Providing funds for community energy hubs to help small businesses and households to have better access to energy experts. The Experts can then advise or help them reduce the bills they spend on electricity 
  • Funding for the installment of emergency backup energy systems will help in increasing disaster resilience and reduction in ongoing running costs.




If you are a resident of NSW then this is the right time for you to equip your premises with solar panels. The local authorities will be happy to provide you with all sorts of assistance making this power-source shift an even hassle-free experience. Get in touch with our solar installation expert in NSW and our team will get you set up.