Premium Hyundai Solar System Solution

Hyundai,  known to most of the automotive industry, entered the solar industry in 2005. HHI has sales of more than $ 30 billion and its core businesses are shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas construction, and industrial engineering.

Solar module manufacturing activities are primarily located in South Korea, and according to Bloomberg’s list of module tiers, Hyundai Solar’s manufacturing capacity is small compared to its tier 1 counterparts of 600 MW per year.

Hyundai Solar marked its first-ever entry into the Australian market back in 2009 before ending its presence a few years later. In 2018, Hyundai Solar was back and had signed a distribution agreement with reputed Supply Partners and Solar Juice. Hyundai’s Australian website has a single scrolling page and its datasheets are hosted on Dropbox and Google Drive, so it appears that Hyundai Solar’s investments in its Australian operations are focused on distribution deals.

Why should you choose Premium Hyundai Solar System Solution?

Solid product warranty 

Hyundai Energy Solutions is currently equipped with a revolutionary market-leading product warranty for custom high-powered solar power solutions. The solar modules are supplied with a product and performance guarantee. The product warranty covers panel manufacturing defects that cause damage or malfunction, while the performance warranty guarantees minimal solar panel performance, which typically decreases annually based on the natural degradation of the silicon in the panel.

Mechanical Strength

The tempered glass and reinforced frame design can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and high winds. Hyundai has repositioned itself towards the premium market by extending the product warranty to 25 years, comparable to LG, Sunpower, and REC. This makes sense in light of your brand awareness through your auto business of the same name, but legally and definitely separate.

If you are getting confused while making a decision between different premium solar panels, the only downside to Hyundai Solar is that it is a smaller company (considering the solar subsidiary itself) with a shorter track record and less presence in the Australian market. When testing their products, all signs point to high quality and excellent performance.

Brand mark

Hyundai is proud of its long-standing cooperation in the Australian market and in 2018 again committed to a new purchase agreement to supply the Australian market with our sheet metal product. In 2019, Hyundai will introduce a 25-year product warranty for all Hyundai Energy Solution modules in the Australian market. This is Hyundai’s true leadership, and it really shows that Hyundai is listening to what our Australian customers want.


There’s no denying that Hyundai is a household name all across the world with an untainted record on each of their products. They have earned this reputation with unmatched quality products and second to none customer service quality. Hyundai’s expansion into the Australian market is a testimony to their dedication to serving customers all across the globe with quality products and services. Their range of solar panels has been well-received by the industry and its members. Their industry experience and solid track record provide a band of assurance of trusting their products. If you are looking for a trustworthy solar panel installation team in Australia to set up Hyundai Solar System Solution with utmost dedication and professionalism then we are here to put an end to the hunt.