Mono PERC Solar Panels


Mono PERC solar panels have emerged as a great option for solar panel installation in recent years. The rise in demand stems from their high-efficiency rate, durability, and easy-to-maintain process. Monocrystalline cells (Mono) originate from a single silicon crystal. Right from the start, they have a high-efficiency rate, better-enhanced performance, and a long life span as compared to others. This could be because they are made from high-quality special silicon crystals. 


Polycrystalline (Poly), as the name suggests, are created from melting silicon crystals. They are easy to manufacture, cost-effective and they have a tendency of producing less energy waste. However, rapid and constant changes in cell manufacturing processes are starting to narrow and minimize this cost-benefit that poly modules enjoy over their mono counterparts. As of 2019, mono modules are responsible for 50% of global PV cell production. There are also other cohabitating cell developments such as bifacial and thin film. However, the former is quite new and the later has known for its poor efficiency for residential applications


PERC is a revolutionary innovation that is currently available in the market in the form of Mono and Poly cells. Usually, solar cells are equipped with an emitter layer on the front part and a black coating on the rear side giving it a unique touch. On the other hand, Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) utilizes dielectric passivation film on the back surface of the cells. Therefore, in PERC cells, the front surface absorbs and conserves sunlight while the rear surface is responsible for absorbing the scattered or reflected light. This eventually results in higher energy generation than their traditional counterparts due to their capacity of higher light absorption and internal reflectivity. These two factors provide additional benefits to the end-users, especially the people installing these in residential premises.


Mono PERC Solar Panels Provide a Diverse Flexibility


Mono perc split cell panels Provide the end-users with additional tilt and placement options without compromising on the overall efficiency. This is one of the many reasons why mono perc split cell panels are convenient for residential consumers who want to install solar panels but are restricted by the availability of limited space. They occupy a decent amount of space and don’t need a lot of maintenance post-installation and this can be counted as an additional benefit of these solar panels.


They are Equipped with a Higher Energy Density


Lower level energy has a tendency of leading to lower payback periods. One primary source of power loss or wastage when solar cells convert the conserved sunlight into electricity is resistive losses that happen during the process or ultimate power lost during electrical current transport. Solar cells transfer current using the thin metal ribbons that cross their surface and connect them to neighboring wires and cells, and shifting current via these ribbons can lead to some energy loss. By cutting the inclusive solar cells in half, the current generated from each cell is halved, and the lower current flowing eventually leads to lower resistive losses as the produced electricity moves throughout cells and wires in a solar panel.


Mono PERC Panels Provide More Energy for a Reasonable Cost


In a nutshell, half-cut cells provide users with several benefits over traditional and orthodox solar cells. Most importantly, half-cut solar cells provide users with improved performance and enhanced durability. If we speak performance-wise, half-cut cells can enhance panel efficiencies by a few percentage points and this has the potential of making a significant difference. And in addition to better production numbers, half-cut cells are proven to be more physically durable than their traditional competitors. This can be conclusively withdrawn as they are smaller in size and have less possibilities of cracking. 




If you are looking to equip your residential premises with solar panels that don’t take a lot of space, are easy to maintain, and most importantly can produce your desired output then installing mono perc split cell panels is your best option. Get in touch with of solar installation experts and unlock new potential energy sources.