13.32kW Solar System

Over the last few years, Rec has earned a certain reputation within the solar installation industry. n. REC solar panels have earned an untainted reputation for delivering long-lasting and solid power output. They have been crafted with state-of-the-art intelligent design and are created to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. With proper and professional installation and maintenance, REC solar panels have the capacity to provide decades of clean and renewable energy.

Why are REC Panels ideal for your premises?

As a trusted team of rec solar professionals, we are constantly finding new ways to make the lives of our beloved clients easier and enhance the performance levels of their solar panels. As a leading solar panel installation company in Australia, we can say with confidence that installing REC solar panels at your premises will be a productive decision. They are designed by industry experts and their unique design and strong build are coupled with the latest technological advances for better efficiency and output.

Here are three reasons why REC panels should be your next go-to-option:

Efficiency and Reliability 

As a class topper, REC panels have constantly scored well in the tests conducted by the industry-approved teams. It has been able to attain the spot as a ‘Top performer’ in all durability tests.

The high-quality N-type silicon cells utilized in the N-peak panels claim to significantly reduce LID or ‘light-induced degradation’ and this simply translates to that they will out-perform all common solar panels using the usual P-type cells. It is a well-known phenomenon that all solar panels lose capacity generally over time, with the normal degradation rate of 0.7 to 0.8% every year resulting in 80% output after 20 years. On the other hand, N-type silicon cells have a very low degradation rate as compared to others, less than 0.5% per year. This simply means after 20 years the N-peak panels are assured to still provide 86% of the original rated output.


REC has experienced potential panel frame issues in the past and it could be because of this that REC created a new high strength frame design layout specifically crafted for the N-Peak and Alpha series panels with multiple extra cross members to stabilize the entire frame structure. This enhances the panel threshold stress-bearing from 5400 Pa to 7000 Pa which is way above the usual solar panels and makes REC Solar Panels some of the strongest panels available.

Support and warranty

From early 2019, REC started providing a 20-year manufacturer’s product warranty (earlier it was 10 years) together with the general 25-year performance warranty on all TwinPeak and N-peak panels. Therefore, along with unmatched durability and performance it also comes with ultimate protection ensuring a hassle-free energy consumption experience.


As a leading provider of solar installation services in Australia and a team of REC Solar Professional, we can put it out with confidence that investing in REC panels is an overall safe decision. If you are looking for an agency that can install them with a hassle-free experience at pocket-friendly rates that get in touch with one of our experts we’d be happy to help. 

We understand that not only our installed solar panel is of high and unmatched quality, but that the team installing it is also highly talented and experienced and has been trained by industry experts. We give our end customers greater peace of mind with the quality of our installation. Sit back and take comfort by knowing that your solar panels are being installed by highly expert REC Solar Professionals. Not every solar panel installer can call himself a “REC Certified Solar Professional” but we can because we are. This simply means you will be provided with the best-in-class service and reliability.