10kW solar system from $5990

In present times solar panels and solar energy generation systems are one of the few energy sources which are not harmful to the environment in the long run. These systems have proved themselves to be a cost-efficient, effective way to reduce your power consumption bills while at the same time helping in reducing the near catastrophe of climate change disasters. Many countries have enforced provisions and programs that empower citizens to install these energy generation systems at a very low cost while some countries provide subsidiaries on the purchase of these systems. 


While there are many solar panels available in the market the most suitable ones are the 10KW solar panels. These solar panels generate enough electricity that will meet the needs of the most power-consuming appliances. Here is a few 10kw Solar System Started From $5990.   


Prerequisite Knowledge

Solar panels are of very small size and to generate 3KW of energy quite a lot of space is required with regular maintenance. Sometimes the price may be affected due to the environmental conditions of the place like humidity or close distance to the sea. Such factors affect the longevity of the panels. Thus, panels need to be coated with a  layer that of a special substance that stalls the degradation. Sometimes some locations are naturally deprived of a good amount of sunlight for good hours in a day then having a solar panel system is not a good idea.

Here is list of 10kW solar system from $5990


Jinko Solar is premium manufacturers of solar panels in Australia. They provide solar panels and along with that, they provide inverters and also mountain kits.  These panels come with a warranty of 25 years and are corrosion resistant. You need to install 27 solar panels each of 370W to get the desired power output. They are easy to install and lightweight. 



Alpha.ESS is a solar panel manufacturer that provides solar panels and also inverters through which the appliances of the home can be connected. These are for household purposes while there are different models depending upon the climatic conditions of your location. These devices are very easy to carry and can also act as a power storage house and are easy to carry.



SENEC is a solar energy storage solution. This brand provides solar energy inverters that can be connected to your house that enable you to connect multiple devices with it and also use the extra energy stored in the daytime to be used at night. It is like a powerhouse for solar energy. The usage of such alternatives reduces the amount of money being paid by you to other non-solar energy generation houses. In regular households, they are very useful as they can be the ones providing you with 90% of the power that is consumed by you. The models are easy to install and are low maintenance.


TESLA has been a huge success in the market owing to its being an electric car and awesome features. Tesla has now come up with a new product that uses solar energy to recharge your tesla if you own it. TESLA provides both panels and a recharge port that can be used for charging your car. The company provides high-grade solar panels which have high durability and low maintenance. 



Sungrow is a solar system solutions manufacturer that provides both solar panels and inverters. They provide very high-end solar panels that are easy to install and corrosion resistant and also have high durability. At the same time, the inverters they manufacture are also very reputed in the market and can store very high watts of power and can be used as an alternative for the household power supply owing to their high power generation and storage capabilities. 



Having a solar energy system is a very good initiative that has long-term benefits and very little investment when compared to the amount spent on a regular power supply. Such factors have given solar products a major boost, but these advantages and benefits of having a solar energy system can only be available to us if the correct type of PV panels and a durable inverter are installed. If you are looking for a trusted solar panel installer in Australia, then Rescom Solar is where you need to be.