7.7kW Solar Systems

It’s almost becoming a new normal for households and businesses all over the world to install solar panel systems. The importance of solar power systems is not only ecological but also economical for households and businesses. But like any other product in the market, there are tons of varieties of solar panels available. 7.7kW Solar Systems are perfect for a medium to large Household. The materialistic value of the system may sound like a fortune to you, but the return on investment in terms of reduction and carbon footprint saving your monthly electricity bill and a higher than average power will be fair compensation.


The performance of a solar power system depends on the efficiency rating. In simple terms, Efficiency is the amount of sunlight converted into electrical energy. To know the right efficiency requirements for a solar power system you should know the power consumption of your household.

An average large household demands up to 24-kilowatt hours of electricity on any given day. Given that panel receives at least 5 hours of peak sunshine, a 7.7kW Solar Systems will have an efficiency of 26 KW per hour to 30 KW per hour of power every day. This is more than average. The efficiency of the solar system may vary because of the material used, manufacturer, number of panels in the system, and location of installation. 


Doing proper market research in terms of price is very important when buying any solar system solutions. It’s a one-time investment and you cannot afford to go wrong with it. Your price may vary with the number of panels in the system but it can cost you about $7000. This price includes all the rebates and incentives offered by all the government institutes of Australia. 

The best part about having a solar power system is that it can be paid through feed-in tariffs which can save turn off money on energy bills.

Number of Panels 

The number of panels in your solar power system completely depends on the consumption of energy in your household and your manufacturer. It is advisable to have multiple panels rather than a single large panel which can significantly cut down the maintenance cost and replacement charges in case of damage. A 7.7 KW power system using panels would require somewhere between 24 to 28 solar panels. Depending on the size or the power output of the solar panel the net power output may vary. 


With any solar power system for home, you would need an inverter.  An inverter is primarily required to store the excess energy produced in a day and to consume it when the sun isn’t available.  The size of the inverter also matters because depending on the amount of sunlight received and the excess amount of energy produced, the rating of the inverter will vary. 

A 7.7 KW solar power system would work wonders with a 6kw solar inverter. It is not advisable to install an inverter of 7 KW because solar panels usually produce energy lower than the mentioned capacity. 


After understanding the various features of 7.7 KW solar power systems you can consider buying them. It’s important to know that aligning the requirements of households and features of the panels and systems is crucial to get the best results.

Many countries are towards the reduction of carbon footprints and have taken necessary initiatives. With government subsidies and rebates installing a solar panel in your house has become much easier today than it was half a decade back. It is high time for people living in tropical parts of the world to start investing in more green energy solutions.