6.66 KW Solar System

With the world switching to green energy, a reliable  Solar System Solution is always in demand. Solar panels and solar energy systems have proven themselves to be good, sustainable, and reliable sources of energy for electrical appliances in many parts of the tropical zone. Many people and industries are able to save quite an ample amount of money through generating solar electricity and not depending upon fossil fuels. There are many kinds of solar systems available in the market depending upon their efficiency to convert sunlight into electrical energy for the household, a 6.66 kW Solar System is considered a better option as it is not very costly and the electricity produced is enough to meet the daily requirement of the houses.


The rating of a solar panel or solar energy system is usually seen in the terms of its efficiency. Efficiency is the amount of the sunlight’s energy that is converted into electrical energy. Most 6.66 KW solar systems have an efficiency of 20-23%. In layman’s terms, a 6.66 KW solar panel generates about 24 kilowatts per hour of energy a day. Sometimes the amount can differ depending upon the quality of the material used in the solar panel, the location of the solar panel, and its orientation in accordance with the Sun. 


The price of solar panels is quite high. The main reason is that this is a one-time investment. But at the end of the day, it has a good return on investments, because after installation you will be saving quite a lot of money on electricity bills. 

The average price of a solar panel system for an average household ranges from $5000-$9000. This price is inclusive of all the costs consisting of the purchase of the system to their installation. The price can sometimes change depending upon the location of your house. Even prices can shift if you purchase the panel from a solar panel manufacturer or a Solar System solution agency.

Number of panels

A Huge 6.66kW Solar System usually comes in the range of 300-400W per panel. Hence to achieve a solar panel system of a total energy grid of 6.66KW you might have to establish quite a number of panels. This is done for a reason that if one solar panel is not functioning then the power generation is affected by a small amount. Also having multiple panels makes their maintenance easier. If the average size of a solar panel is considered then the number of panels one might have to install ranges from 30-40 panels depending upon the individual capacity of each panel. It is always suggested that one must use only one kind of solar panel throughout. 


An inverter is used to store electrical energy for future use or during the night when the sun is down. It is necessary to install an inverter along with a solar panel system. The main reason being that if the electricity is generated by the panels is more than your consumption it gets stored and prevents its wastage. In the case of a 6.66 KW solar panel system, it is suggested to have a 5 KW inverter. 


Solar panel system for households is a fair and neat option. It can be your contribution in the long run in building a sustainable source nation and also a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This might be a big investment for some but it is definitely a good one. 6.66kW Solar System will not only help you save on your bills but also your planet.