• 10kw solar system from $5990 Wollongong | Bathurst

10kw solar system from $5990 Wollongong | Bathurst

Powerone 10.0 kW system


PVI-10.0 inverter (10kW)

Power Up Your Home And Business With Our 10kW Solar System


Rescom solar is one of the most prominent 10kW Solar System Sydney installers. Our 10kW solar systems consist of high-quality solar panels, inverters and batteries. On average, it will generate approximately 40 KWH each day during the year, which is sufficient energy to run the biggest household equipment. Our solar system offers considerable advantages of system management, efficiency and durability, making it the best choice for purchase. 


In addition, our 10kw solar system is designed to last many years, providing reliable and clean energy for your home or business. With its outstanding performance and exceptional durability, our solar system is an investment you can be proud of for years to come. Our team of expert installers is dedicated to outperforming each installation with utmost attention to detail and sheer professionalism.

10kW Solar System Cost and Installation


A 10kW Solar System is typically a low-cost energy source for your home or business. The cost of a solar system is heavily influenced by various factors, including your selection of the power converter, solar cells, battery packs, shading for UV protection, roof wingspan and angular velocity. Adequate roof space is required for Solar Panel Installation in Sydney, and our skilled solar installers will typically complete the installation in a single day or less unless any major issue arises.

Overall, our solar system and installation cost are affordable and pocket-friendly, so everyone can easily harness the power of the sun and save money on their electricity bills. With our solar system, you can quickly see the difference in the reduction of your electricity bills.

10kW Solar System
10kW Solar System

10kW Solar System Repair And Maintenance


We provide excellent repair and maintenance services to ensure your solar system is functioning at its best. It’s crucial to perform time-to-time maintenance service of your solar system to keep it running at a peak performance year around. When your solar system fails to function properly for a variety of unanticipated reasons, our highly certified technicians will not only troubleshoot the problem but will also fix it quickly and efficiently. 


If you hire us to install 10kW Solar System in Sydney, you can expect the best services in the industry and will notice a significant reduction in your electricity costs. Our solar installers are trained and certified to install high-quality, cost-effective solar systems. Talk with our solar system experts today to get a customized quote.

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